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My Mission


My goal is to make my trainings affordable and accessible to everyone interested in deepening their knowledge while maintaining the integrity of ancient yogic philosophy. I am also a firm believer in finding inner serenity while developing inner and outer strength.


I've been doing yoga for over 20 years. Lifelong holistic health has had an impact on my understanding of yogic philosophy and the human body and mind. Through my personal recovery path, I discovered my life's purpose in assisting others in being happier and healthier. My courses are full of happiness, acceptance, and a down-to-earth attitude. I encourage an authentic and life-nurturing practice, one that brings greater consciousness to each moment. 


When Covid-19 hit and the entire world shut down, I knew exactly what I needed to accomplish. I made it my mission to bring affordable trainings to anybody who wanted to learn and grow. I am available to help and coach my students throughout their program and there are online groups that provide additional assistance and facilitate communication. My trainings are not intended to replace in-person trainings, they are a different offering. 


I am really humbled and grateful to have the opportunity to work with each and every one of you. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my students graduate and go on to be the greatest humans they can be.


You are transforming the world, one graduate at a time!