About Christine

Getting her start on the path of improved well-being through yoga and meditation, Christine developed a solid foundation for becoming the renowned well-being mentor and wellness advocate she is today. Given her firm confidence in generosity and altruism being essential core beliefs for a virtuous life, she regularly shares, teaches, and guides others.




One of the core messages she teaches is that when you are aligned, your entire world transforms. It is key to life working out in your favor. The beauty of becoming aligned is that everyone has access to it, and the freedom it brings. Limitless success and happiness then become attainable.

Helping people become aligned and experience greater well-being is something she is very passionate about. She looks forward to seeing what people can attain thanks to her mentoring and guidance, given her dedication to sharing the principles of well-being globally. Reclaiming sovereignty, mastering self-growth, and unlocking personal success and fulfillment are all results that Christine has helped others achieve.


Providing helpful tools to improve well-being is something she has been doing for many years now. She has taken a multifaceted approach to teaching a broad spectrum of offerings. All of the experience Christine has is reflected in her work. 


The framework that Christine has designed is one that promotes and delivers definitive results that improve the lives of her clients and students. As someone who is constantly growing and learning herself, she is endlessly studying with her own mentors and guides, growing and expanding on her own path of self-realization. She is a lifelong learner and student herself, which helps keep her humble in knowing there is always more to realize, discover, and know. She aims for all her students and clients to embody the same openness to life’s lessons and insight.


The more people she helps empower, the more seeds of mindfulness she also plants. These two are inextricably linked, and lead to living a holistically healthier life. Whatever a person's personal health and wellness goals are, Christine helps her clients and students achieve them. As a result, they have succeeded in getting dream careers and ideal partners, as well as embarked on life-changing journeys.


She wishes to share what she has realized and learned over many years that can help people all over the world of all ages. Working to help children and adults alike, her books have helped people understand concepts that are often abstract in an easily digestible format.


Christine has received numerous awards, accolades, and prizes for her tireless work towards helping others improve their well-being. Born in the South Pacific islands, she now resides in the US where she continues to mentor as many people as possible. She also hopes to use the magic and power of the written word to help others live happier and more fulfilling lives.


A Personal Note


Everything changes when you are aligned with your purpose and connected to your intuition. Life becomes an adventure.


Directing your attention to your thoughts, relationships, and automatic actions, and changing them as needed to live a calmer, more connected lifestyle, will increase your personal awareness and mindfulness.


The wonderful thing is that this is accessible to anyone and the potential for success and happiness is unlimited.

Connecting people to their unique purpose and assisting them on their way to happiness is my absolute mission in life.


I encourage you to read through the content on this website and determine what would be most beneficial to you in making changes in your own life.


I'm looking forward to seeing where this journey takes you.


Christine Muncy

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